Open Education Resources for University of Lethbridge

This server houses open textbooks for use in mathematics courses at the University of Lethbridge. Every book available through this site is an open educational resource. This means that the book is licensed in a way that permits faculty to customize its contents, and allows you, the student, to use the book in any way you see fit. You may retain the books for as long as you need them. You may share the books. You may print the books, where applicable.

Books that are authored or edited by U of L faculty are hosted here. Some courses use open textbooks that are freely available from authors at other universities. We provide links to those books, as well as to other books that are suitable for a given course, but not adopted by the instructor. These are sometimes useful as additional resources.

Disclaimer: this site provides access to textbooks. It should not be considered a definitive source of information about assigned textbooks for a given course. While we will do our best to update that information when possible, you should always consult the University of Lethbridge Bookstore for the most accurate, up to date information on the required textbooks for your courses.

Want more textbooks than you can find here? (Probably not, if you're a student. Possibly, if you're a faculty member researching textbook options.) Here are three great websites for finding open mathematics textbooks:

  1. The PreTeXt Catalog
  2. The AIM list of Approved Textbooks
  3. The UMN Open Textbook Library

Sections on this webpage

U of L students will likely want to browse the textbooks listed by course. We have also provided subject-specific lists for popular subjects such as calculus and linear algebra. There is a navigation menu at the very top of the page. (Look for a drop-down in the top-right corner if you're on mobile.)

For ease of access, we also provide those links here.

Although they don't correspond to any course at U of L, we are also happy to host a copy of a set of notes on Ramsey Theory, by Professor Veselin Jungic at Simon Fraser University.

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