Precalculus Resources

This section of the site provides links to some useful review resources for students preparing for their first university mathematics class. While the title says "Precalculus", some of these resources will be useful for Linear Algebra and Statistics as well. There are many, many online resources available, including free textbooks, websites like Khan Academy, videos, and more. We have selected some of our favourites.


The buttons below link to YouTube playlists consisting of videos recorded at U of L by Sean Fitzpatrick, using the university's Lightboard.

Precalculus basics:

Algebra review:

Functions review:

Graphing review:

Trigonometry review:


Essential Precalculus is a textbook edited by Sean Fitzpatrick, based on the (much larger) textbook by Stitz and Zeager. It is designed to cover everything you need to know going into your first calculus course.

There are three textbooks by Yoshiwara and Yoshiwara, reviewing Functions and Graphs, Trigonometry, and Algebra, respectively. All three books are written in PreTeXt, and available in HTML format.

There are many other excellent precalculus resources. We have chosen to link to books written in PreTeXt, since these are available in HTML, and they often have useful features for self-study, such as interactive exercises.

Active Prelude to Calculus, by Matt Boelkins

Open Resources for Community College Algebra (ORCCA), from Portland Community College

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