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APEX Calculus

Acknowledgements Thanks

There are many people who deserve recognition for the important role they have played in the development of this text. First, I thank Michelle for her support and encouragement, even as this “project from work” occupied my time and attention at home. Many thanks to Troy Siemers, whose most important contributions extend far beyond the sections he wrote or the 227 figures he coded in Asymptote for 3D interaction. He provided incredible support, advice and encouragement for which I am very grateful. My thanks to Brian Heinold and Dimplekumar Chalishajar for their contributions and to Jennifer Bowen for reading through so much material and providing great feedback early on. Thanks to Troy, Lee Dewald, Dan Joseph, Meagan Herald, Bill Lowe, John David, Vonda Walsh, Geoff Cox, Jessica Libertini and other faculty of VMI who have given me numerous suggestions and corrections based on their experience with teaching from the text. (Special thanks to Troy, Lee and Dan for their patience in teaching Calc III while I was still writing the Calc III material.) Thanks to Randy Cone for encouraging his tutors of VMI’s Open Math Lab to read through the text and check the solutions, and thanks to the tutors for spending their time doing so. A very special thanks to Kristi Brown and Paul Janiczek who took this opportunity far above and beyond what I expected, meticulously checking every solution and carefully reading every example. Their comments have been extraordinarily helpful. I am also thankful for the support provided by Wane Schneiter, who as my Dean provided me with extra time to work on this project. I am blessed to have so many people give of their time to make this book better.